In Rebuilding the Altar authors Pat and Karen Schatzline passionately challenge you to return to the altar, where you can once again encounter the presence and power of God. Many long for a closer walk with God, but He seems far away. You go to church. You read the Bible. But you don’t experience His presence. Why? Because many have forsaken the altar—the place where God is found. When we truly encounter Him again, the light and power of God will flow to our homes, then to our houses of worship, then to the nation, and we will never be the same.


What others are saying about Rebuilding the Altar

The world is stampeding toward the seeker-sensitive kingdom of self. It’s time for a course correction to the kingdom of God! This book will make you normal according to the Bible to carry His glory in this last day revival.

—Sid Roth Host, It’s Supernatural!

Rebuilding the Altar is a fresh call to personal intimacy with the Lord. I have found in my own life that there is a constant need to keep altering my walk with God. Many Christians today have settled for less in their walk with God. They swim in a small pond when the ocean is around the corner. They give up. They stop short. They sit in the sun and splash in the shallow water not knowing that just around the corner is the presence and power of God. Pat and Karen say it this way: “The key to being altered is the altar.” I pray and believe that this book will lead you into a fresh and intimate relationship with our master, Jesus Christ. Pat and Karen are laying it all down on the altar. This book will inspire you to do the same.

—Ward Simpson Ceo, God TV

Have you seen or felt a “shift” in the world? In your church? In your own life and spirit? Do you feel something compelling you to draw closer to the Lord? Do you have a passion to cry out, “More, Lord”? If you answered a resounding yes to these questions, this book is for you. Rebuilding the Altar is more than a book; it’s a way of life. Pat and Karen Schatzline have literally woven their souls and spirits with the written Word of God to help every person who reads and studies this book become “altared” for God. As I read the pages, the words became alive. I highly recommend this book. It will catapult you deeper and higher than you’ve ever gone before with God. Become “altared” by rebuilding the altar in your life!

—Jim Bakker Founder, PTL Network and Morningside Ministries Founder and Host, The Jim Bakker Show

Most genuine followers of Jesus Christ in America would have to admit that the church is no longer a powerful influence in shaping the direction of this country. But that can be changed. Secularism has grown to the point where the Christian message is more and more being silenced through intimidation and even outright hostility. I believe Pat and Karen Schatzline have found a way to plug back into the power we have departed from—we need “altared” people to restore spiritual and moral clarity to this nation. Pat and Karen’s book gives us a portal through which the “all-mighty” God can flow down to us and then out through us. See how the altar affects a relationship and produces change!

—Marcus D. Lamb Founder and President, Daystar Television Network


Pat and Karen Schatzline

Pat and Karen Schatzline are international evangelists and authors who colead Remnant Ministries International and the I Am Remnant Movement. They are known for their passion to lead people of all ages into deep encounters with God. They are frequent guests on Christian television and radio shows such as The Jim Bakker Show, Sid Roth’s It's Supernatural!, and Ask Dr. Brown, as well as on networks such as Daystar, TBN, JCTV, and GodTV. They have written several books, including Why Is God So Mad at Me?, I Am Remnant, Dehydrated, and Unqualified. Married since 1990, they make their home in Birmingham, Alabama. Their joy is their daughter, Abby; son, Nate; daughter-in-love, Adrienne; and grandsons, Jackson and Anderson.



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